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RGV Hauling Junk & Moving Hauling is your first choice for scrap metal recycling, hauling, moving and clean up. Professional, courteous and friendly, we have been recycling scrap metal in McAllen TXbraska for over 40 years. Call RGV at for removal disposal pick up for Scrap Metal recycling Scrap Metals removal, Refrigerators, Gym Equipment, Metal Panels, Treadmill, Bicycles, Appliances, Junk Automobiles, Medical Equipment, Plumbing Scrap, Commercial Machinery, Office Machines, Restaurant Equipment, Electrical Scrap, and Construction Materials. We pick up your unwanted aluminum, copper, brass and recycle other metal as well. Let us dispose of your junk automobile, even if it does not run. We want your unwanted scrap metal. Cost Of Scrap Metal Removal? Free Estimates! Call Today Or Schedule Scrap Metal Removal Online Fast!


Scrap Metal Removal Scrap Metal Haul Away Scrap Metal Appliance Pick Up McAllen TX

RGV Hauling Junk & Moving provide you with scrap metal removal and pick up of you live in the McAllen area. However, Because of the low rate of return at the scrap yard, we have to charge a minimum fee of $29 dollars to haul away your scrap metal. Get scrap metal removal now in McAllen just by filling out the form below. Please allow up to 30 minutes to hear from an associate in your area who is ready to come to your home or place of business to remove all of you old and unwanted appliances treadmill gym equipment scrap metal shelves metal cubicle frame. Call Today and let our same day pickup team help you with our recycling, removal and demolish scrap metal services in McAllen TXbraska.
Fill out the form below to get scrap metal pick up if you live in or near McAllen TX. Be sure to include the city that you live in.


If you have scrap metal piling up around your residential or commercial property, let RGV Hauling Junk & Moving help pick-up any of the metal you need to have disposed.
Since 1974, RGV Hauling Junk & Moving has been hauling away, removing, disposing and recycling all non-ferrous metals for over 40 years. With competitive prices and exceptional service, you can trust us for all your scrap metal needs.
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Copper – Scrap Metal Removal
• Brass – Scrap Metal Removal
• Aluminum – Scrap Metal Removal
• Stainless steel – Scrap Metal Removal

  • Appliance – Scrap Metal Removal
  • Treadmill – Scrap Metal Removal
  • Exercise Equipment – Scrap Metal Removal
  • Refrigerator – Scrap Metal Removal

• Auto scrap – Scrap Metal Removal


Junk & Scrap Metal is the great equalizer. Whether your business is in a construction site, a commercial office or a warehouse, you’re going to deal with junk from time to time. The same goes for regular people, just living their lives. Rich or poor, young or old, everyone deals with junk. Junk & Scrap Metal after a home remodel, construction project or simply spring cleaning can cause a real headache, and we have the solution.

RGV Hauling Junk & Moving thinks that when it comes to junk & scrap metal removal, you shouldn’t have to stress about it. That’s why we come in and handle the whole job. You don’t have to rent a dumpster, or put your junk in bags, or even in piles. At RGV Hauling Junk & Moving, we want to take care of every aspect of the junk removal process, not just a partial job. Just sit back, relax, and point, and the junk disappears.


In many lines of work, or even at your home, you may have a lot of scrap metal lying around. Old cars, metal piping and other scrap metal piles up and it begins to seem like there’s no solution.
At least, not until you heard about RGV Hauling Junk & Moving, We serve our customers all over McAllen by professionally disposing of scrap metal in the most responsible ways possible. We try to recycle as much of your metal as possible, because we care about keeping your junk out of the landfill. As we like to say, we recycled before it was cool. We’re in your neighborhood, so we feel partially responsible for the community we share.


We already mentioned that RGV Hauling Junk & Moving takes pride in being the only truly full-service junk removal company, but you’re probably wondering: how can one company make all this possible?
Well, we’re glad you’re asking, because we can’t wait to show you why we’ve been the most trusted name in junk removal & scrap metal disposal since 1974.

When you need junk removal or McAllen scrap metal recycling, just call us. Our professional staff will give you an initial estimate and schedule a time to come by. We’ll even do same day appointments if it works for you!

Our uniformed, friendly junk haulers will show up right when we say we will, ready to handle all your junk. You don’t have to put your junk into bags or piles— in fact, we prefer that you don’t —allow us to take care of the whole process. Just sit back, relax with a drink and watch your junk disappear.
When we’re done, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your junk, old electronics and scrap metal are headed to the most qualified recycling facilities in your community. We’re happy to help.

How Have We Become McAllen McAllen`s Favorite Junk & Scrap Metal & Appliance Removal Company?
Here are just a few reasons why we’re McAllen McAllen`s favorite local company for junk removal, electronics disposal, scrap metal recycling, dumpster rental alternatives and much, much more:

  • Our prices are always up-front and transparent. You only pay for the space your junk takes up in our trucks and not a cent more. Goodbye junk. Hello relief.
  • We only hire the most professional junk haulers. When our team shows up, you can relax knowing that they can handle any non-hazardous junk you have for us. Just show us what we’re up against, including: old furniture, unwanted appliances, broken electronics, yard waste, construction debris, old mattresses and scrap metal.
  • We take pride in helping the people of  McAllen  with any junk removal needs they need, big or small. We don’t just sell junk removal; we sell peace of mind.


We can’t wait to show you how we can make your junk problem a thing of the past! For anything from McAllen scrap metal removal to basic post-spring cleaning junk removal, RGV Hauling Junk & Moving has you covered! Give us a call or go online to schedule your free consultation.



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